Alberta OER - How To


Toolkits above were developed by the Alberta OER Initiative Team in collaboration with institutions across Alberta. These toolkits are maintained and refreshed by Albertans passionate about open education on-going. Feedback on these toolkits is much appreciated. Please contact us with input. 

The webinar "Considerations when Using OERs" was created by the Alberta OER Initiative Team to supplement the OER Starter Kit. View or Download PPT here.

The OER Championship slides were presented at the Mount Royal University OER Conference on Nov 9, 2016 (prefacing a presentation on the Starter Kit). This presentation paralells change management best practices with dissemination and championship of OER at the institutional level. View or Download PPT here.

The 1-day OER Intro Workshop is an example outline of a workshop delivered by the Alberta OER Initiative Team. 

This video was submitted by University of Lethbridge as an example of their institutional efforts to educate about OER.